Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving '09

Happy Turkey Weekend! I hope everyone ate a lot of stuffing and wore their protective hats to scare off hunters during small game hunting season!


New Furniture

Successful trip to Goodwill resulted in this wonderful dry sink now in our kitchen in place of an old folding table that became the place where everything without a place went. Now it all has a place. The top drawer has become our wonderful utility drawer. Below is for extra baking goods, tupperware, batteries, light bulbs, and extra kitty food. Its a great piece right now with tons of potential to add color... we just don't have a color scheme yet. You'd expect Paz to be interested in the extra kitty food inside and the open bag outside the chest... but no... shes just upset that there's something new in the house. How dare we.

Shower Curtain for the Ages

Saturday was productive. A new shower curtain now hangs in our small bathroom with a wonderful slanted ceiling. Its a great sheer from Sunbrella, woven by Sunbury. Gromits at the top will stop any rust from the metal shower hooks from getting on the nice white fabric instead of making buttonholes (in addition to the problems with the bottonholer on the machine which I still have yet to resolve). But now the outside world cannot see us shower, which is always a nice thing to keep private.