Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabric Fingers

Wednesday April 29, 2009, 12:01:47pm
Dunkin Dounuts to survive

I have to start pondering my senior show. We're given a limited amount of space and should display our portfolio aesthetically, while also supporting the program. WHAT!? like all my friends are saying - i just want to put up a big middle finger, but on fabric of course. It's a good enough school, if you like change every semester and don't want to have the same program from start to finish, check it out, PhilaUniv.

The idea of putting my work up, the work that is important to me, all the 10"x10" handwoven samples, hell - it's just going to make a big quilt-like block by block installation of black mat board. How boring is that?!

I dunno - we'll see as i try to make some sense of my diverse portfolio that makes me look like a better designer, but is going to be hard to put together - b/c heaven forbid we are too kitchy and not professional enough.

i'm getting obsessed with the idea of blogging, need to do better and spend time on "creating my brand"!

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