Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ribbon Organization

Are you confused about how to best organize your ribbon selection? Or are you just annoyed that your cat keeps knocking them over and spraying the ribbon all over the room? Try using a shoe box. Here I've covered a shoe box (the side open is the best because it means less work - this is a Sperry Topsider showbox). If you can't find a side opening shoebox, you'll just have to take an extra step and cut a slit in the side of the box at the same height of the dowel, or slightly higher to allow for ease of the ribbon off the spool. Place a dowel rod 1/2" higher than the radius of your largest spool of ribbon (ie: ribbon has 2.5" radius, place dowel 3" from bottom). I found it easiest to slash an X into the box on either side. A hot guled on button is the stopper on one end, the other end has no stopper to allow you to remove the dowel and change the spools of ribbon.

Fun and cute way to display your ribbon while having ease of use!

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