Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pain for Charity Knitting

This year I'm doing charity knitting. Check with your LYS for groups that they know of for a project that fits your style. I took this scarf as a challenge. I've challenged myself to learn a new skill.

I'm a proud thrower. Not a picker. I was taught to throw, my mother threw, my grandmother threw. BUT.... after working at my LYS, I've realized I need to learn how to pick, especially for ribbing. The connection between your knit and purl stitches is often shorter than between your purl and knit stitches leaving a ladder between every rib. But with continental ribbing you have more control of the ladders. So... after about 45 min of swearing under my breath and watching YouTube videos over and over again, my hands hurt and I only have 4 rows done.

I'm not thrilled about the speed I'm going at. At least I'm learning.

BONUS! Charity Knitting is a great way to use of stash yarn. Organizations often want 100% acrylic for washability. So break out that yarn you only let your kids use.

BONUS DEUX! A great way to use more than one color for fear that your main color choice will not last, try a cable cast on and work the main portion of the scarf. When you feel that you're running down you can start to add stripes to one end. To balance out the stripes on the other end, undo your crochet cast on, pick up and repeat the stripe in the same way!

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